So you had dinner at your moms (because duh) and you were STARVING.


Dinner was finally served and you ate more than Jesus at the last supper. You even licked your plates clean. But somehow, because she is your mother and loves to cook for her sweet baby, she sends home with you the 6 pounds of leftover meatloaf (HOW IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT??) along with the Friday fritters, farina pudding, a potato dish, and a slice of pie (hey, we’re a big Catholic family.. don’t hate on the weird delicious food) and you literally have no idea where the hell it’s all going to go.

       Fridge? Belly? Dog?


I have no answers for the fritters or other side dishes but I have found the most genius solution for the meat. Tonight, I’m going to make all your meatloaf dreams come true.


Let’s rewind to 6PM. The most amazing meatloaf-leftover-recipe-idea-ever hit me out of nowhere so I immediately had to get started cooking before the idea left me. But then the Dragons came in…


For a meal that should have taken all of 10 minutes to prepare, it somehow morphed into a fire burning eternity and I ultimately found myself spinning out of control and begging the Good Lord to send relief


2 hours later, I finally finished my masterpiece. Mr. MotherOfDragons couldn’t inhale his fast enough and as for the Dragons…


#1 had waffles with socks:


And #2 had dog food

photo 2

The Meatloaf Patty Melt 


Ingredients: Meatloaf (obvi), sharp cheddar cheese, onions (sautéed until brown), bread, butter

How To: Ain’t no mom got time to explain how to put a sandwich together. I have dog food to clean up.

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