100 Days of Real Food


A few weeks back I was chosen to be a cookbook ambassador for Lisa Leake, of 100 Days of Real Food. This meant several things:

  1. I have to stop with my usual ridiculous banter
  2. I need to be classy. What?
  3. Does she realize what a complete joke my blog is?
  4. I’ve hit the big times, ladies, so buckle up!

First things first: being an ambassador means she sent me a free signed copy of her cookbook for me to try out, review, & blog. Honestly, I was thrilled to have a new cookbook in the house as I’ve exhausted all of my usual recipes.

I’m like the Bubba Gump of chicken. Baked chicken, parmesan chicken, herb & lemon chicken, seasoned chicken, bone-in chicken, BBQ chicken, fried chicken, lightly breaded chicken, sautéed chicken, rosemary chicken, crockpot whole chicken, grilled chicken, chicken noodle soup, blackened chicken, and the list goes on…

Not to mention the only two sides we have are green beans and/or corn (depending on how adventurous I’m feeling). Why? BECAUSE THAT’S ALL MY HUSBAND WILL EAT. Bless his little heart.

Shit got old, and fast. (Can I say shit? I’m trying to be profesh but I’m not exactly sure where to draw the line..??)

Anywho, the book finally came in the mail and it was filled with pictures of Lisa in her beautiful home with her beautiful children, dressed in her perfect outfitsImage

Image 2

and it made me take a good hard look at what I had going on..

Maybe I should shower.

And brush my teeth.

And clip my toe nails…

Nope! It was time to cook!!!!!!

I hadn’t been this charged up since Kimye’s wedding.

It was mid-afternoon so I decided to go for a mid-afternoon recipe: Frozen Yogurt PopsImage 1The recipe itself was extremely easy. Actually getting it together didn’t exactly look like the picture she provided. DSC_0101..Partly because I let #1 put everything together while I read the instructionsDSC_0122


The only thing I did differently from the recipe was substitute local honey for maple syrup because who doesn’t like squeezing the Honey Bear? DSC_0135Time to blend!! I used my simple Wal-Mart blender because I prefer to save the Blendtec Designer 725 for my margs. If you’re not careful, it will chop. your. arm. clean. off. …and that’s the way I like it.

DSC_0145Obviously, he was confused about which blender we were using.

Silly baby, we’re not mixing margaritas.

All in all, he approved of the finished product. Woofed down all 6 popsicles in a matter of seconds. DSC_0176

So thank you, Lisa Leake, for pioneering the clean eating industry like a mama badger and working your way into kitchens all over the world. I thank you, my dragons thank you, and more importantly, my husband thanks you.


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